Use Video To Market Your Billboards

Insider is finishing up the 2018 out of home website rankings.  Only 5% out of home websites include video.  This is marketing mistake.  Anyone with a smart phone and a wordpress website can take video, upload it to a free youtube/vimeo page and copy a link into their website.  It’s a great way to promote signs.

Look at this Twitter video posted by Michael Ritz to market a Clear Channel Outdoor Miami digital billboard.  The video shows a nice long right hand sign read with lots of traffic.

Jim Ritterhouse’s OnsiteInsite has a 3 minute video promoting the company’s billboards.

Smaller out of home advertising companies use video as well.  Huntington Outdoor incorporates video on each of sign page of its website.

Insider does the same with his Circle City Outdoor plant in Indianapolis.



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