Smile Doctors Partners with Melody Roberts for OOH Rebrand

Smile Doctors, the largest national dental support organization focused on orthodontic care, partnered with Melody Roberts of Out of Home Creative to launch their national OOH campaign and brand re-refresh.

The campaign won third place in the OAAG creative awards. We asked Melody about the campaign and process:

“I previously worked with my client on several OOH campaigns. Currently, she is the CMO for Smile Doctors and contacted me when she felt their former campaign was ineffective and lacked creativity (client art below).”

“Smile Doctors was also revising their branding with a new logo and planned to use the OOH campaign to show the brand re-fresh. Although the client has an internal design team, they hired my company to design a “complete overhaul” for a new national outdoor advertising campaign.

Since the trust was established working on former campaigns, we collaborated on headlines, leaving the re-design to my discretion. My focus was branding and using the best images of confident people smiling, which meant keeping some original backgrounds instead of replacing them with brand colors for contrast, vibrancy, and visual impact. To stay on brand with a direct message meant getting each franchise to eliminate the physical address they wanted in their markets and keep wording to a minimum.”

“I re-energized their branding with expressive imagery paired with headlines so people would think about how it’s used with the visual. I didn’t feel it was necessary to have the word “Smile” in the slogans because it was used in the logo and how the model’s smile replaced the word.

The campaign included bulletins, digital, street furniture, and posters spanning from Florida to Colorado, totaling approximately forty-four assets nationwide.”

“This was a fun campaign to work on, more so because my client understood how OOH should be used and trusted me to create what they felt best-represented Smile Doctors.”

From the client, “We wanted to connect with consumers the same way our orthodontists connect with the patients in the local community. We liked what we saw in the new OOH visuals and carried the new concept Melody designed into all our media, both print and online.”

About Out of Home Creative:

Outdoor advertising design for businesses, agencies, media buyers, and out of home companies. Our focus is setting your brand apart from your competitors and capturing your audience’s attention.

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  1. This is an awesome article I love reading success stories about hard-working good people in our industry. Well done!