Proof of Performance Language in an OOH Ad Contract

A reader of What’s in a Good Out of Home Ad Sales Contract? asked Billboard Insider what proof of performance language should be in an ad contract.  Here’s the proof of performance language in the OAAA sample bulletin contract on the OAAA website.

Proof of Performance.  A photograph will be provided for every bulletin in a campaign, at the campaign start provided within five (5) days after posting.  A photograph is provided within five (5) days after a scheduled rotation of a bulletin. 

And here’s the proof of performance language in the OAAA sample digital OOH contract.

Proof of Performance.  Company will provide agency with a proof of performance report within ten (10) business days after the end of each campaign of this contract.  Photographs will be provided.

Billboard Insider’s Take: Proof of performance language may not be important for a directional billboard that your client drives by every day.  Proof of performance language is important for agencies and large advertisers.   What sort of proof of performance language do you include in your ad contracts?  Email or use the form below.

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