OAAA Helps Defeat Attempt to Prohibit Vegetation Control

By Kerry Yoakum, Vice President of Government Affairs, OAAA

Last week a Democratic Congressman from New England wanted to amend the Highway Beautification Act (HB) to prohibit vegetation control for billboard visibility.  The OAAA helped block the amendment.  This week the same amendment was refiled by Republicans Nancy Mace of South Carolina and Kay Granger of Texas.  It too was withdrawn.

What the OAAA did.

A committee staffer alerted the OAAA to the Mace-Granger Amendment amidst a flurry of hundreds of amendments.  The OAAA spoke with congressional staff to express concern.  The South Carolina and Texas Outdoor Advertising associations quickly weighed in, opposing the amendment.  Here’s the letter from Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas President Lee Vela opposing the amendment.

Insider’s take

This is why you need to belong to the OAAA.  It looks out for your interests in Wash DC.  Remember last March when OAAA President Anna Bager quipped “we’ve got your back.  True now as it was then.

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One Comment

  1. Bravo and a great big thank you to OAAA for protecting our industry. Maintaining great government relationships and keeping ears-to-the-ground is hard, critical work.
    You are true professionals! Thank you.