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Many of you have expressed an interest in buying In Their Words: Out of Home Executives Talk About Out of Home when we have our first run of paperbacks.  The wait is over as we just received our first shipment from the printer.  The price is the same at $49.95, with an additional $4 per book for mailing costs.


IF YOU WANT A BOOK, send an email to

We will need to know:

  • How many copies you want
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We will be pleased to get you a copy. And you never know, you might be in the book?


This 147 page guide contains interviews with 173 out of home executives at 150 out of home companies.  The guide contains practical advice on:

  • Getting Started
  • Finding Quality Locations
  • Permitting
  • Using Automated Sales Platforms
  • Lessons From Operating Digital Billboards
  • Sales
  • and much more

Here’s what people are saying about In Their Words:

Jim McLaughlin, Retired President, Link Media Outdoor

What a really neat idea.  Lots of great comments and suggestions from the industry’s finest.  Also helps keep us united and “in the loop” during these crazy times when we cannot gather together.

Grey Vick, Owner, Grey Outdoor

This book is jam-packed full of information about the out of home industry.  Any operator, experienced or beginner, will learn something that is valuable to their business.

Chris Cowlbeck, Manager, Look Billboards and IBOUSA

As I read through this composition, the names and faces took me back over many years of friendships forged and problems solved in my role steering our networking group.  What struck me is the intrepidness, grit and raw guts that are common threads of our OOH industry players, whether publicly traded, investor based or independent.   Many took leaps of faith by either branching out or trying new things which are chronicled in the various sections, many of which Billboard Insider documented in real time as they occurred in the past – a valuable asset to our community.  These passages show me too that while we have embraced changes in the past, such as vinyl wraps, digital formats and various platforms, we are positioned nicely and mentally framed well for the transitional period ahead of us in automation, programmatic and machine learning which may come at us faster than we wish.  I am optimistic that finding common ground within our industry can lead to the movement of ad spend dollars from other media to OOH. Keep up the steady work.

In Their Words can still be purchased in pdf and ebook formats.  You can purchase and download your copy of In Their Words in pdf and ebook formats by clicking on the purchase button at the top of this page.  If you need help purchasing your copy of the In Their Words contact

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