Fundraising campaign includes temperature and countdown triggers.

This Extra Credit Projects dynamic digital sign campaign caught Insider’s eye by the use of temperature triggers and a day countdown to support a good cause.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich, December 14, 2017—To help generate awareness and separate their organization from a plethora of other local missions, Guiding Light of Grand Rapids turned to Midwest creative agency, Extra Credit Projects (ECP), for a new advertising and branding campaign.

The ad campaign by ECP aimed to make a statement and bring clarity to Guiding Light’s work. The creative, which began running in April, has continued to generate buzz in the community with its integrated mix of media including outdoor, digital display, online video, radio, television, direct mail, theatre, mall kiosks, guerilla and more.

A campaign theme of real stories of real men with biblical counterparts highlighted their journey to recovery and solidifed the organization’s faith-based mission. The work was well-recieved and featured in Graphic Design USALurzer’s Archive and more.

New broadcast TV spot hit local stations for the Christmas season. In the final weeks of the campaign seasonal work was featured around Grand Rapids using digital billboards with temperature triggers and countdowns to drive donations.

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