Kevin Gephart on Dealing with Agencies

My thoughts about dealing with ad agencies are confined to local agencies. Ad agencies are not clients; they are spokespeople for clients. They are due all the respect, ideas, follow-through, and accountability afforded any spokespeople. Agency/advertiser relationships tend to be very temporary. The constants are you (the media) and the […]

6 Sales Objections and How to Handle Them

By Kevin Gephart In my last column 5 more sales objections and how to handle them I asked readers to identify sales objections.  Thanks for all the comments.  I’ll address the objections which readers raised today. People don’t want a drill, they want a hole; advertisers don’t want advertising, they […]

Wallace and Orsinger on Using Social Media to Market Billboards

Here’s some great advice from Southeastern Signs Robert Wallace and Mixed Media’s Denny Orsinger on using social media to market billboards. Robert Wallace, Southeastern Outdoor I can only talk to so many people per day on a phone. So I use social media to talk to the masses… not only […]

5 More Sales Objections and How to Handle Them

By Kevin Gephart Last week I discussed the top out of home sales objection – it costs too much.  Today I’ll discuss 5 more out of home sales objections and how to handle them. I need more time to tell my story “Your 7 to 10 words on billboards doesn’t […]

Vendor Profile: Sandler Training

Company:  Sandler Training Address: 629 Market Street, Suite 120, Chattanooga, TN. 37402 Email: Phone: 423-702-5579 Sandler Training provides professional development and sales training to out of home advertising companies.  Lisa Nausley is CEO.  Dan Nausley is President.  Insider talked with Dan Nausley. How did you get involved in assisting […]

The Top OOH Sales Objection and How to Handle It

By Kevin Gephart If you’re batting 1,000 you’re playing in the little leagues. Objections are minimized with thorough data gathering and an effective proposal, but there will always be some unforeseen hurdles. Effective objection handling increases your closing ratio and lays the groundwork for future business. It’s never no…it’s only […]

Pete Hautem on Selling Digital Billboard Ads

Pete Hautem has 44 years experience in selling out of home.  Here are a couple of his keys to effectively selling out of home.  Billboard Insider asked Pete to talk about selling digital billboard ads. How is selling digital different from selling static.? Overall, selling Outdoor ads is basically the […]

Out of Home Legal: Can a client refuse to pay because of a delay in posting?

Can an out of home client refuse to pay if there is a delay in posting a billboard or if they allege that a sales rep misrepresented benefits of the advertising?  No.  That’s the lesson of OUTFRONT Media vs Hart and Associates.  Here are the facts In May 2016 the […]

Killer Sales Proposals (Part 2)

Last week I reviewed the first 4 parts of a killer OOH sales proposal: Needs and Objectives Rationale. Why Out of Home Why Your Company Today I’ll cover the last four parts of a killer sales proposal. 5.  Creative Clients spend 80% of their efforts on “where” to advertise and […]

AND instead of OR

  By Douglas Cordova, VP, Business Development at Wrapify This is going to be a biased article. I love the Out of Home industry and have since the day I started in it almost 12 years ago. I truly believe it is undervalued, underestimated and not given nearly the amount […]