Today’s Cannabis: “Reefer Madness” Prohibition Fades to Legal Vice

  By Ken Klein, OAAA Executive Vice President, Government Affairs A sucker for lighthouses, I just visited one in Cambridge, MD, where the Choptank River meets Chesapeake Bay. Local boosters/history buffs note (inside the lighthouse) that watermen doubled as rumrunners during Prohibition. Prohibition (1920-1933), with its pervasive disrespect for law, didn’t […]

Rothfelder On DACA Ruling And Effect On Billboard Administrative Rules

Once again, a controversial and national judicial ruling will effect billboard law. This time, United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of Texas Andrew Hanen issued on July 16, 2021 an injunction against the enforcement of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, commonly known as DACA. In the […]

Goodman on How to Evaluate a Sign Code

By Andy Goodman, Age Advertising. Here are the five parts of a sign code I look at when determining the feasibility of a site for placement of an out of home structure.   The first part of the sign code I look at is the section that talks about prohibited […]

OAAA Helps Defeat Attempt to Prohibit Vegetation Control

By Kerry Yoakum, Vice President of Government Affairs, OAAA Last week a Democratic Congressman from New England wanted to amend the Highway Beautification Act (HB) to prohibit vegetation control for billboard visibility.  The OAAA helped block the amendment.  This week the same amendment was refiled by Republicans Nancy Mace of […]

LA’s Proposed Sign Rules

Age Advertising President Andy Goodman  tells Billboard Insider that the pending sign code proposal in Los Angeles includes more digital billboards, lighting restrictions and increased penalties for violations. A proposal is in front of the city council Back in 2001 the city of LA put a billboard moratorium in place. […]

Rothfelder on the Supreme Court Reviewing Austin v Reagan

The Supreme Court granted on June 28, 2021 the petition for writ of certiorari in Reagan National and Lamar Outdoor vs City of Austin, so that the High Court will now  entertain the merits of the First Amendment dispute over Austin’s allegedly content-based sign code and regulation of digital signs. […]

Supreme Court Takes the Austin Billboard Case

The US Supreme Court has accepted jurisdiction over a billboard case (Austin, TX v. Reagan National Advertising et al.). On June 28, the high court granted an appeal by the City of Austin to review a legal challenge to its sign ordinance. In 2017, Reagan National Advertising challenged Austin’s sign code […]

West Hollywood’s Embrace of Digital Billboards

Age Advertising President Andy Goodman has 33 years experience siting and developing billboards.  Today he talks about West Hollywood’s embrace of digital billboards. 17 new digital billboard faces I really like what’s going on in West Hollywood.  I worked in that market with CBS Outdoor when we did a double faced […]

Rothfelder on Permit Vesting and Retroactive Enforcement of Regulations

I’ve had several clients contact me recently with the similar and familiar problem where municipalities or other regulatory authorities attempt to change the rules for permitting signs after the submission of the permit application. This tactic usually takes the form of the city simply trying to expedite the passage of […]

Ohio Supreme Court Hears Cincy Billboard-Tax Case

The Ohio Supreme Court heard oral arguments June 16 in the constitutional challenge to Cincinnati’s billboard tax. A decision will be issued later. Counsel for plaintiffs Norton Outdoor and Lamar argued that it’s unfair and unconstitutional for a municipality to single out a form of speech for targeted taxation that […]