Billboards and Property Values – The Rest of the Story

The Scenic America website has a link to  a 2011 study by a University of Pennsylvania researcher Jonathan Snyder which found that billboards had an adverse impact on the value of homes located nearby.  Billboard Insider has seen references to this study by city planners who are anti-billboard. Correlation is […]

GEFT Outdoor Wins Another Case

By Ken Klein, EVP – Government Affairs, OAAA A federal judge in Indiana (nominated by President Trump) issued an injunction against a local sign-variance process as subjective and vague, and therefore unconstitutional. The ruling is a victory for GEFT Outdoor, which sought a digital billboard permit in Monroe County (IN). “The […]

Tea Leaf Reading at the City of Austin Argument

By Michael F Wright The November 10 oral argument in City of Austin v. Reagan National Advertising provided limited but interesting insights into how the justices line up in the Court’s first billboard case since its fractured 1981 decision in Metromedia, Inc. v. City of San Diego. The issue in […]

Andy Goodman on the importance of showing up at zoning meetings

I attended a Council Meeting this week, via Zoom, representing a billboard company that requested a Zone Text Amendment to allow for the following changes to the Code: from 10×30 to 14×48, digital upgrades and additional locations allowed on the freeway. The project went to the Planning Commission in August, […]

Rothfelder On Cap and Replacement Ordinances

Billboard Insider recently received a legal question from a reader, asking if the following municipal ordinance provision was arbitrary, unconstitutional, or otherwise illegal: 6.604 Off-Premises Advertising Signs and Billboards: The intent of this Section 6.604 is to limit the number, size and location of off-premises advertising signs and billboards to […]

An In Depth Look at Reagan National vs City of Austin Supreme Court Oral Argument

By Richard Rothfelder, Partner, Rothfelder Falick The much anticipated Supreme Court oral argument in Reagan National vs City of Austin case was held on November 10th, and it lived up to expectations. Scheduled for 70 minutes, but actually lasting 99, the argument was an exciting roller coaster, characterized by robust […]

Reaction to Reagan vs Austin Supreme Court Oral Arguments

Insider asked some out of home attorneys to comment on yesterday’s oral arguments, before the Supreme Court, in Reagan v City of Austin. Richard Hamlin and Marnie Cody, Hamilin Cody Law  We both listened to the argument and discussed it among ourselves. Our reaction: Trying to predict the result from […]

Jim Poage on the White House COVID Vaccination Plan

Billboard Insider asked Formetco Safety Director Jim Poage for an update on pending White House COVID 19 vaccination rules. What’s new with the White House COVID19 vaccination plan? Well, technically speaking, the expectation that businesses with 100 or more employees will require vaccinations or weekly testing of employees is still […]

Supreme Court Hears Reagan v Austin

Today at 10am eastern time the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Reagan v Austin.  The court will allow 70 minutes for oral arguments.  The Court is reviewing a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that Austin’s restriction on off-premise digital billboards was a content based violation of […]

Who Owns the Billboard? Adams v Long

Old billboard lease language can get you into trouble.  That’s the lesson of Adams Outdoor Advertising v Long.  Here are the facts. In the 1930’s the Consolvo Chesire ad agency entered into a billboard lease to put a billboard on property in the city of Hampton.  The lease stated that […]