OUTFRONT Revenue Down 33% in 1Q 2021

OUTFRONT is recovering from COVID slower than Lamar.  Here are the results from OUTFRONT’s 1Q 21 earnings release, 1Q 21 earnings presentation and conference call. Revenue declined by 33% to $259 million during the first quarter of 2021.  US billboard revenue was down 17%.  US transit revenue was down 67%. […]

Lamar Organic Revenues Down 8.2% in 1Q 2021

Lamar continues to recover from covid with a stronger than exected first quarter.  Here are the results of the earnings release and conference call. Revenues declined 8.8% to $371 million.  Organic or acquisition adjusted revenues declined 8.2%. Adjusted EBIDTA was down 4.6% to $152 million during the first quarter of […]

Max Drachman: The Second Half of 2021 Should Be Active

Billboard Insider talked with Kalil and Company’s Max Drachman last week to get an update on the out of home transactions market. Max, how is 2021 shaping up in terms of deal volume? The year started a bit slower than usual, however it is picking up in a hurry.  We […]

Who Makes What at the Public OOH Companies

The public out of home executives took pay cuts during 2020.  Here’s a breakdown of who made what at Lamar, OUTFRONT and Clear Channel Outdoor, based on data in each company’s Schedule 14A. Total Compensation for Public US Out of Home  Company Executives 2019 and 2020 compared with last year […]

The SignValue/Billboard Insider 2021 List of OOH Lenders

Out of Home financing is a specialized form of finance.  To save you the time and trouble of having to educate your lender on the ins and out of out of home here’s an alphabetical list of 51 out of home lenders prepared by SignValue and Billboard Insider.   We’ve included […]

Boston Omaha Raises $59 Million Via Stock Issue

Boston Omaha raised $59 million in cash via sale of 2.6 million shares of class A common stock at a price of $25 per share.  Proceeds from the sale will be used to grow the company’s Link Media Billboard business and to fund the expansion of Boston Omaha’s fiber to […]

Lamar Sponsors $300 Million SPAC

Lamar Advertising filed an S-1 to raise $300-345 million via a special purpose acquisition company (“SPAC”) named Lamar Partnering Corporation (“LPC”). Lamar will own approximately 20% of the LPC.  LPC will be managed by members of Lamar’s management team including Ross Reilly, Lamar’s VP of Mergers and Acquisitions who will […]

OOH Bad Debts and Covid

Covid has resulted in an increase in bad debts at the public out of home companies.   Here’s a breakout of who took what writeoffs in 2020. Table 1 – Accounts Receivable Writeoffs for Public US Out of Home Companies (million dollars) And this table shows writeoffs as a percentage of […]

Out of Home Companies Outperform Market in 1Q 2021

The three public US out of home companies outperformed the market for the 3 months ended March 31, 2021.  Outfront was up 15%, Lamar up 14%, Clear Channel Outdoor up 10% versus a 6% increase in the Standard and Poors 500. US Public Out of Home Companies Versus S&P 500  […]

5 Things About Link Media and Boston Omaha

Here are 5 things about Link Media Outdoor which Billboard Insider learned after reading  2020 10k for Link Media’s parent Boston Omaha. This stock is capital gains, not current income.  Link Media’s parent Boston Omaha doesn’t intend to become a REIT or pay dividends any time soon.  It want to […]