Billboard Insider’s Guide to Leases, Easements and Real Estate


If you develop out of home advertising sites you need Billboard Insider’s Guide to Leases, Easements and Real Estate.     The 130 page Guide tells you:

  • How to use an out of home attorney effectively
  • 21 things in a good out of home lease
  • 11 things in a good out of home home easement
  • Lessons from  28 legal cases and Billboard Insider articles on out of home leases and easements
  • When your out of home company should purchase real estate and how your should structure a real estate purchase.

The Guide also contains

  • a boilerplate out of home lease
  • a boilerplate out of home easement
  • a list of attorneys specializing in out of home lease and easement law.

The Guide costs $79.95 and is available in pdf and ebook formats.  You can purchase and download your copies of the Guide in pdf and ebook formats by clicking on the purchase button at the top of this page.  If you need help purchasing your copy of the Guide contact  Here’s what people are saying about the Guide.

Jennifer Sloane, Out of Home Attorney

I wish I had this book when I started in this industry.  It would have saved me lots of headaches.

Pat O’Donnell, President, YESCO Outdoor Media:

Billboard Insider and attorney Richard Rothfelder have written a practical and useful primer on best practices for the out of home advertising industry’s real estate business.  Many of the suggestions in this book come from events and people in our industry who learned the hard way of not only what to do, but also, what not to do, in these types of real estate transactions. Long overdue, this is a must read for anybody doing development in the billboard business.

Neil Bell, New South Outdoor

I sure wish this book had been around when I started in the business. I would have saved so much time and money avoiding many of the pitfalls of billboard leasing. It’s a great book for those who are just getting into the business but also for industry veterans who are sure to find a number of helpful refreshers.

Jim Matalone, Mad Dog Outdoor Consulting

Great job Dave and John. Your Guide to Leases, Easement, & Real Estate is a great reference source for every outdoor real estate executive or owner. Thanks.


Here are some sample pages from Billboard Insider’s Guide to Leases, Easements and Real Estate.

The Table of Contents


Excerpt from Chapter 2    The Billboard Lease


Excerpt from Chapter 3   Legal Cases and Articles Concerning Billboard Leases

Excerpt from Chapter 4   The Out of Home Easement

Excerpt from Chapter 5  Legal Cases and Articles Involving Easements




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